Winebox & Stock Car

On Hold... April 25 (Saturday) 

Public Fun Day  (cars provided) - Non-competitive rides for kids & adults. Basic driver training is provided for all first time participants (driver training video). Underage and special needs kids can ride in a dual seat car with an experienced driver provided (subject to approval by a race official).  

More Racing After Fun Day ....

"Zero" Gravity Derby  

(select for details)

A Match-Your-Own-Time Race 

Registration at Noon 

Derby Cars (provided for both events)

  • Stock & Super Stock -  AASBD kits
  • Adult - 2 types Winebox & Indy (both based on AASBD kits)
  • Super Kids - Dual seat cars (custom built)

Helmets - The type of helmet we use is a standard DOT approved bicycle helmet as shown. It's up to parents to determine the type of helmet their child needs for their safety.  We do have helmets available at all our events.