NDR Rally & Challenger Racing

Texas Top Gun Series (TTGS) is comprised of three NDR rallies; a Fall Rally, a Spring Rally and a Season Championship Race. Racers earn points at each rally they participate in. Trophies, cash prizes and series champ jackets will be awarded based on the TTGS POINT SYSTEM.

NDR Fall Rally (1st TTGS Race  for 2019-20  Season) 

DATE/TIME: Saturday, September 28 (9 AM registration) 

COST: $30

RACE DAY REGISTRATION PACKET (.pdf) ...Please print, fill-out & bring to race.

Challenger Racing (cars provided)

A fun way for new drivers to experience the Thrill of the Hill.

      • Held in conjunction with our NDR Rallies.
      • Participants drive derby cars provided with no weights added.
      • Driver must have previously attended a New Driver Training session.
DATE | TIME: Saturday, September 28 (9 AM registration) 
COST: $10
County Release Form (.pdf) ...Print, fill-out and bring to race. 

2018-19 Season Race Results & TTGS Points:

  • Fall NDR Rally  (9/29/18)
  • Spring NDR Rally (3/30/19)
  • Championships an NDR Rally (4/27/19)
    • Stock
      • 1st Place  - Kylie Caldwell (Harry Harwood Trophy + $300)
      • 2nd Place - Ruthie Hooks (Trophy + $125)
      • 3rd Place - Noah Santini (Trophy + $75)
    • Super Stock
      • 1st Place  - Madison Hooks (Harry Harwood Trophy + $300)
      • 2nd Place - Sophie Dority (Trophy + $125)
      • 3rd Place - Ryder Monteau (Trophy + $75)
  • 2018-19 Texas Top Gun Series Champs 
    • Stock - Kade Caldwell (Jacket + $100)
    • Super Stock - Madison Hooks (Jacket + $100)

REQUIREMENTS: This is a competitive racing series for racers that will turn at least 7 during the current school year to a maximum age of 21. Requires an official Stock or Super Stock car built and weighted to NDR RULES plus a car handler to help lift car on/off trailer and position car into starting gate. All new drivers must have attended a Driver Training Session prior to racing. A limited number of loaner cars available (must attend Open Track Test Day).

RACE FORMAT: A double elimination, lane swap/wheel swap, timer differential race format. 


2018-19 End-of-Season Awards Banquet (slide show)
Cash Prizes: Season Championships 1st - 3rd & TTGS Champs
TTGS Champ Jacket & Cash Prize for top TTGS pts earner (Stock & Super Stock)