2019 Race Dates & Times... 

Summer -
H2B Inc. Appreciation Night
Saturday, August 17
7:30 PM registration / 8:00 PM start

Fall -
Saturday, October 26
after Public Fun Day
12:30 PM 
check-in / 1 PM start

Cost: $10

Prizes & Trophies for 1st - 3rd Places 


A Fun, Fast-Paced Racing Event ...

That promotes competitive racing, driving skills, and self-improvement. Participants try to match their own Elapsed Time (ET), which is the time it takes to get from the starting gates to the finish line.  The difference between 2 recorded ETs in the same lane is your score for that LANE (a perfect score is .000). Participants will receive a score for both lane 1 and lane 2 (4 runs down the hill). Your lowest LANE score determines your place.  

Derby Cars: Stock, Super Stock, and Pro Stock/Adult CARS PROVIDED by GHSBD. Or participants may bring their own official AASBD kit car or custom built derby with NO WEIGHTS ADDED (all cars must pass safety inspection). 
Requirements: Must meet the Minimum Age* and have had driver training. All participants must wear foot protection and a DOT approved helmet.

* Minimum Age: Kids that will turn 7 during the current school year.

Run What You Brung...

You can bring your own Stock, Super Stock or custom built derby that meets the following basic rules:
      • No weights added.
      • Must pass a safety inspection. 
      • Must fit in the starting gates (4 wheels). 
      • Must stop in the designated braking area (312 feet).
Race Tips...
It's not about the speed but how CONSISTENT you are.  So when tuning your car the steering and alignment is what you need to focus on. 

Race Results / Times

Best score to beat is .004 seconds held by Tyler F.  &  Quade K.


 Saturday, October 20, 2018 

1st Place - Mario A.  (Score = .026 sec.)
2nd Place - Byron G. (Score =  .164 sec.)
3rd  Place - Chris H. (Score = .223 sec.) 

View/Download Complete Results (.pdf)


N O   P H O T O


 Summer Night Under The Lights 

 Saturday, July 21, 2018 

1st Place - Ryder M.  (Score = .006 sec.)

2nd Place - Sophie D. (Score =  .007 sec.)

3rd  Place - Oscar S. (Score = .011 sec.) 


 Saturday, October 21, 2017 

1st Place - Byron G.  (Score = .011 sec.)

2nd Place - Sophie D. (Score =  .077 sec.)

3rd  Place - Carter M. (Score = .109 sec.) 


  Saturday, April 1, 2017 

1st Place - Quade K.  (Score = .004 sec.)

2nd Place - Breyden J. (Score =  .015 sec.)

3rd  Place - Jacob M. (Score = .017 sec.) 


  Saturday, September 10, 2016  

1st Place - Madison H.  (Score = .006 sec.)

2nd Place - Emmy M. (Score =  .043 sec.)

3rd  Place - Daynora T. (Score = .066 sec.) 


   Saturday, April 2, 2016  

1st Place - Tyler F.  (Score = .004 sec.)

2nd Place - Fisher G. (Score =  .006 sec.)

3rd  Place - Byron G. (Score = .093 sec.)