Gravity Racing for Kids & Adults

Greater Houston Soap Box Derby

Fall 2022 Event Schedule

Gravity Racing at Hockley Derby Park 

Fri., Oct. 7 - Sr. Adult Fun Day (FREE):  9 AM - Noon

 (Contact Precinct 4 Encore & Community Centers for details.)

Sat., Oct. 22
  •  Super Kids: 9 AM - Noon (FREE)
  •  New Driver Training: Noon - 2 PM
  •  NDR Rally Practice & Setup Day: Noon - 2 PM

Sat., Nov. 5  - NDR Fall Rally: 9 AM - 2 PM 

 (First Texas Top Gun Series race of the 2022-23 season)

Sat., Nov. 19
  •   Public Fun Day: 9 AM - Noon (FREE)
  •   "Zero" Gravity Derby: Noon - 2 PM

Thrill of the Hill

NOTE: As of 2022, the Hockley Derby Park is now part of Harris County Pct. 4.

Gravity Racing: A "Family Team" Activity

A team consists of kids and adults. Car handling is part of this team activity, which involves lifting cars on and off trailers, positioning them in the starting gates and moving them out of the braking area once they have come to a complete stop. This webpage provides information on events and ways you can participate and volunteer in this family-oriented sport. More...

Map to Hockley Derby Park

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