Gravity Racing for Kids & Adults
Types of Events
Common Rules
Derby Cars
Driver Training
NDR Rally
Super Kids
Fun Days
"Zero" Gravity Derby
Types of Events
  • Driver Training - Kids are required to successfully complete a session to be eligible to participate in any derby racing events.
  • NDR Rally - Competitive racing for kids (stock & super stock divisions). Includes a "challengers" division for kids that want to tryout the sport (cars provided). 
  • Super Kids - Races for children with disabilities (dual rider cars & experienced drivers provided).
  • Public Fun Day - Free non-competitive rides for kids & adults (cars provided).
  • "Zero" Gravity Derby - A Match-Your-Own-Time Race for kids & adults (cars provided or bring your own derby car with no weights added).
  •  Sr. Adult Race provided by Harris County Pct. 3 (cars provided). Check with a Pct. 3 Community Center for details.
Common Rules

Minimum Age - Kids entering the first grade during the current race season can race in our events as long as they will turn 7 sometime during the school year. 

Underage Kids -    Ages 6 and under attending Public Fun Days can ride in a dual seat car with an experienced driver provided (subject to approval by race officials). 

Driver Training - Basic training is provided for all first time participants (kids & adults) at Fun Days and Sr. Adult races. Kids racing in our NDR rally races and must have previously completed a New Driver Training session to be eligible to drive a fully weighted car in a rally race. 

Helmets - The type of helmet we use is a standard DOT approved bicycle helmet. For Super Kids, New Driver Training, Fun Day Events and "Zero" Gravity Derby it's up to parents to determine the type of helmet their child needs for their safety. For our NDR Rallies the helmets must be an Official AASBD Helmet. We do have helmets available at all our events but suggest you bring your own with name attached. 

Car Handlers - Required for NDR Rally & Challenger races, new driver training, practice days and "Zero" Gravity Derby. We rely on families to help with car handling at these events. This involves lifting cars on and off trailers, positioning them in the starting gates and moving them out of the braking area once they have come to a complete stop. 

General Admission - There is no cost to spectators, grandstand seating provided and a concession stand is available at most events (cash only) or bring your own food and drinks. 

And more…

  • No skateboards, scooters, ball / frisbee throwing allowed at derby park during an event. 
  • No smoking allowed.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • If you want to set up a rest area for yourself and/or your group, you may bring whatever you need. Pop-up tents must be secured to the ground. 

Derby Park Map Layout 

Derby Cars

Types of Derby Cars (provided at all events) -

  • Stock & Super Stock (you can purchase kits at AASBD Online Store or check with us for used donor cars). 
  • Super Kids (dual seat cars)
  • Adult Cars - Winebox & Indy 
Driver Training

Driver Training (cars provided) ​- NDR rally participants are required to successfully complete a Driver Training session to be eligible to drive a "fully weighted" car in a NDR Rally held by GHSBD. Those that successfully complete the training will receive an official GHSBD drivers license. 

   Date: April 23, 2022  


  • Noon - 12:30 PM: Check-In / Registration 
  • 12:30 - 1 PM: Training Session
  •  1 - 2 PM: Practice Runs

Cost: $5 (cash only)

IMPORTANT: Please view video before coming out to an event.

NDR Rally

NDR Rally (Stock & Super Stock)

   Date: March 19, 2022 - TTGS* Spring Rally  
   Date: May 7, 2022 - TTGS* Championship  

Race Day Schedule:

  • 9 AM: Check-In / Registration / Weigh-In
  • 10:30 AM: Drivers Meeting / Start of Race 
  • 2 PM (approx.): Awards Ceremony (after end of race &  track equipment placed back in barn)
NDR Rally | Cost : $30 (cash only)

Challenger Division* | Cost: $10 (cash only) 

* Challenger division participants use derby cars provided by GHSBD with no weights added (recommended for first time drivers). 

AGE REQUIREMENTS: This is a competitive racing series for racers that will turn at least 7 during the current school year to a maximum age of 21. 

RACE FORMAT: A double elimination, lane swap/wheel swap, timer differential race format (no wheel swap for Challengers).

IMPORTANT: You must have completed a Driver Training session to race a "fully weighted" Stock or Super Stock car in a GHSBD NDR Rally.


* Texas Top Gun Series (TTGS) Three NDR sanctioned rallies are held each season for Stock & Super Stock divisions. TTGS is comprised of a Fall Rally, a Spring Rally and an End-of-Season Championship Race. Racers earn points for awards by participating in each rally.  Awards include trophies, cash prizes and TTGS champ jackets for Stock & Super Stock divisions based on the TTGS POINT SYSTEM.

NDR Rally Info Sheet & Entry Form (.pdf)

Super Kids
Super Kids  
Gravity Racing for Special Needs Children
(dual rider cars & experienced drivers provided)

   Date: April 23, 2022   
Race Day Schedule:
  • 9 AM: Check-In / Registration 
  • 9 AM - 10 AM: Practice Runs 
  • 10 AM - 11:30 AM: Racing 
  • 11:30 AM: Awards Ceremony
Cost: Free (donations welcomed)

Registration & General Information

Minimum Age - Kids entering the first grade during the current race season can participate in our events as long as they will turn 7 sometime during the school year. 

Size Restriction 150 lbs. - If your Super Kid weighs more than 150 lbs. please let us know in the pre-registration email. We may be able to make special arrangements to have our Adult Special Needs car available. 

Pre-Register -

  • Super Kid's Name
  • Contact Information
    • Street Address, City, State, Zip
    • Phone Number 

Registration At Event - A printed copy of the official GHSBD Super Kids Race Entry & County Release Form with the above information filled in will be provided at registration the day of the event for a parent/guardian to sign.

Fun Days

Public Fun Day (cars provided) - Non-competitive rides for kids & adults. Basic driver training is provided for all first time participants (watch driver training video). Underage and special needs kids can ride in a dual seat car with an experienced driver provided (subject to approval by a race official). 

    Date: April 9, 2022  

Time : 9 AM - Noon 

Cost: FREE (donations welcomed) 

IMPORTANT: Please view video before coming out to an event.

"Zero" Gravity Derby

   Date: April 9, 2022 
Registration at Noon  

Racing: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Cost: $10 (cash only)

    Driver training provided during Public Fun Day 
    (9 AM - Noon)


    Volunteering - The best way to volunteer is to come to one of our events (earn service hours). Or attend a monthly Zoom board meeting (request invite). All board meetings are open to everyone and are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 PM (NO meeting in December).