Gravity Racing for Kids & Adults

Event Status & Track Condition

You can check here and on Facebook for the latest event status and track condition. On event day notices will be posted beginning at 7AM with updates as needed. Always check here before heading out to the derby park. NOTE: We cannot reply to emails or phone calls on the day of the event.

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   Important Notices   


At noon on the day before the event, if the forecast on the National Weather Service's website for Hockley, TX (77447), calls for a 70% or more chance of rain for the time of the event, we will cancel the event and post a notice on this web page and our Facebook page and email those who have joined our email list. 

NOTE: NDR Rallies are an exception to this policy. If race officials feel that there is a chance of delaying/moving the start time for the rally, we will do so.