Spring 2020 Gravity Racing Events
at Hockley Derby Park
Cars Provided


Due to the current situation with Covid-19, all of our scheduled spring events and board meetings are "On Hold" until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation, place notices on our Facebook page, as well as send out notices to all that have joined our email list.

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On Hold... April 3  (Friday) - Sr. Adult Spring Race 

Contact a Pct. 3 Community Center for details.

On Hold... April 25 (Saturday)

On Hold... May 9 (Saturday)

On Hold... May 16 (Saturday) - Texas Top Gun Series Spring Rally

On Hold... June 6 (Saturday) - 2019-20 Season Championships 

On Hold... June 20 (Saturday)
End of Season Awards Banquet
  • Valley Ranch Grill & BBQ (Banquet Room)
22548 Tomball Pkwy (Hwy 249), Houston 77070
  • Time: Noon - 2 PM
  • Attendees purchase their own food & drinks (optional)
  • RSVP to ghsbd@hotmail.com 

Minimum Age - Kids entering the first grade during the current race season can race in our events as long as they will turn 7 sometime during the school year. NOTE: Underage Kids attending Public Fun Days can ride in a dual seat car with an experienced driver provided (subject to approval by a race official).  

Derby Cars (provided at all events)  - 

  • Stock & Super Stock - Kits purchased at AASBD online store
  • Super Kids - Dual seat cars (custom built)
  • Adult - 2 types (based on AASBD kits)

New Driver Training  - All kids are required to successfully complete a Driver Training session to be eligible to drive a "fully weighted" car in a NDR Rally held by GHSBD. Those that successfully complete the training will receive an official GHSBD drivers licenseNOTE: Basic driver training is provided at Public Fun Days for all first time participants (kids & adults). 

Helmets - The type of helmet we use is a standard DOT approved bicycle helmet as shown. For Super Kids, New Driver Training, Fun Day Events and "Zero" Gravity Derby it's up to parents to determine the type of helmet their child needs for their safety. For our NDR Rallies the helmets must be like the one pictured (an official AASBD helmet). We do have helmets available at all our events.

Entry Fees -

  • Super Kids, Fun Days & Sr. Adult - FREE (donations welcomed)  
  • NDR Rally - $30
  • Challenger - $10
  • "Zero" Gravity Derby - $10
  • New Driver Training - $5

General Admission - There is no cost to spectators, grandstand seating provided and a concession stand is available at most events.